Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation at Home

Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation at Home

Being at home in the middle of summer does not mean being stagnant and doing nothing. We always must be active and make the most of our time during the lockdown period.

Summer vacation plans used to be beaches, road trips, picnics, etc. Even though those plans cannot be done with the current situation we are in, spending your summer vacation at home does not have to feel like a sacrifice. Here are different ways on how you can spend your summer vacation at home.


1. Take advantage of online entertainment platforms

Nowadays, a lot of different entertainment platforms have been released and they have been one of the go-to places for people stuck in their homes during the quarantine. You can watch different categories of films for different purposes. You can watch documentaries to know more, watch action and thriller movies if you are feeling bored, or you can rewatch all 10 seasons of Friends for the 54th time. These platforms are also releasing new movies and series a few times every month to make sure you always have something new to watch.


2. Learn a new hobby

This is not new since the conversion of plantitos and plantitas last year was at an all-time high and it is never too late for you to do it too! Get creative! Be it knitting, taking care of plants, learning new musical instruments, or whatever it is that came to mind when you read this.


3. Enroll on an online course

Building up your qualifications is never a bad idea to make the most of a free time. Enroll on a free online course that could elevate your knowledge on something or learn a new one from scratch. Now that even schools and universities are forced to stay home, there is not much difference to online courses other than having classmates. Good thing about online courses is you can take them any time and go back to a certain topic that you may not have understood the first time. Most of these free courses have certificates upon completion but some require payments to receive the certification.


4. Read a book

You may or may not have finished a book before, but its never too late to start reading. According to Healthline.com, reading offers a lot of benefits such as vocabulary building, stress reducing, and helps you fall asleep easily to name a few. To make things short, reading is good mentally, physically, and emotionally and during these hard times, we are sure that we could get all the help we need to adapt.


5. Start that project

The excuses you might have before was the lack of time due to daily commute and OTs eating up all your extra free time, but now you do not get to make that excuse. Lose weight? New paint job for your room? New setup for your workplace? Decluttering your closet? Start that now.


6. Keep a blog or journal

Keeping track of your thoughts, ideas, and plans is always a good idea and a productive one. We are sure that more than once in your life, you think keeping things on your mind is enough, but it is not. Once distracted, thoughts, ideas or plans can easily slip your mind. Jot it down so you can easily backtrack your plans for the day or have references of the past in the future.


7. Organize virtual parties

Conversations make these parties fun, not the drinks or the place you are partying in. Yes, we all miss the last time we went out with our friends or families and we may not be able to be with them physically, but there a ton of ways to meet them virtually. Set up parties and feel like you are not partying alone by seeing you friends party with you, just from a screen.


8. Listen to new music

In your normal office environments, it is very likely that you listen to radio channels or cannot listen to any music at all considering the people around you. But now that most of us, if not all of us are not working from home, it is very likely that you listen to music to help you with your productivity. Although playing the same music over and over can be too much for months of staying at your home. Let this be an opportunity for you to listen to new music! Listen to different genres and artists. Listen to music from another country’s songs since this can help you familiarize with their culture as well. Who knows maybe you will find music that suits you better than what you are listening to at the moment? Explore!


9. Meditate

It is important to be mindful of your productivity and everything else that surrounds you but being mindful to yourself seems to be easily forgotten these days. Turn off everything, lock the door, light some candles, play a soft music, or play nothing at all then meditate. Meditation is one of the best things to relieve stress. It can help you gain a new perspective on stressful situations, reducing negative emotions, increasing creativity and imagination, and increasing tolerance and patience. We are not putting pressure on you to spend these free times to do something. Sometimes all we need is rest. Take a break. Taking a pause for a little while is still productive right?


10. Satisfy your cravings

While you are figuring out which of these should you start or maybe while you are already on it, it is always better to have snacks and munchies while doing all these indoor activities. Satisfy your cravings! Need snacks while watching? Order a delicious pizza or a saucy pasta. Need something to sip while writing or reading? Order fruity juices or refreshing frappes. Need something to start doing something? Order the most important necessity known to humans – coffee!


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