Let Love Bloom with Coffee Project

Let Love Bloom with Coffee Project

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of everything around us. But for the month of May, we are going to celebrate probably one of nature’s best signification of beauty – flowers.

Among these celebrations is Flores de Mayo which is the most celebrated one during the month of May. Flores de Mayo (meaning flowers of May) is a festival held by many towns within the Philippines as a tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is celebrated in various ways like the community congregating in the afternoon to pray the rosary, share homemade snacks and delicacies, and offer flowers to the Virgin Mary.

Flores de Mayo comes with a daily offering of flowers to the Virgin Mary and with this, Coffee Project has come up with a campaign to align with one of the Philippine’s most awaited and anticipated celebrations for the year. Obviously, social gatherings are not allowed with the pandemic still at hand, and that is where Coffee Project comes in so stay indoors and celebrate the month of flowers with us.

As most of you may have known, Coffee Project is the most Instagrammable coffee shop in the Philippines and one of the reasons why it has been given such title is because of its beautiful interior bringing what is outside to the inside. Filled with plants and flowers that makes you forget where you are for a second which is also the reason why we came up with aligning our campaign with the flower filled month of May.

This May, Let Love Bloom will revolve around celebrating the beauty and meaning of flowers. We are not just going to focus on the flowers’ significance, but we would also want to give that hidden passion of yours another chance to bloom again so later on, we will discuss the activities and releases for the month of May so get yourself ready, as we want this month to be a month of blossoming.


Let Love Bloom in Creativity

Coffee Project's Let Love Bloom Campaign for May

For the rest of May, Coffee Project will be releasing tutorials every Saturday revolving around creativity and flowers. With this, Coffee Project aims for you to rediscover that one thing that you loved doing before or revamp that skill that has been stagnant through the years due to your changes in responsibility brought by entering adulthood.

Since this will be a month about flowers, aside from focusing to the beauty and aesthetics it provides, we must also highlight on how we can preserve them. On the 8th of May, we encourage everyone to bring life to old wallets, well-loved bags or even fabrics by upcycling them with a touch of your personal style.
With the hype of renovating and beautifying their spaces since working from home became the new norm. Because of the increasing number of plant enthusiasts - also known as plantitos and plantitas – recycling and making use of dried flowers has been a huge part of beautifying their spaces. With this, on 15th of May, it is time to finally take out those dried flowers and old mason jars and transform it from a nuisance to a piece of art with some stunning and easy to make flower arrangements.

Most of us are encouraged to stay inside our homes due to the pandemic. Classes and even working from home has been the norm. When outside, social distancing and minimum physical interactions are encouraged so instead of using actual papers, most materials are done digitally instead. On 22nd of May, we are going to find a way of transforming those unused and used papers that you will not need at home by creating your own flower origami.

Lastly, other than being a plantito or a plantita, different versions of homemade drinks have been on trend and the one that sits atop is the Dalgona Coffee. While these homemade drinks are truly refreshing, taking care of your counters or tables might go over your head. On 29th of May, the last tutorial will be about making a coaster at home but not just any coaster – a resin coaster made more artsy by putting dried flowers inside giving everlasting beauty to the flower inside it.


Coffee Project X MASQ Collection

Coffee Project X MASQ Collection

In collaboration with MASQ Collection, Coffee Project introduces you to a fashionable option of keeping yourself safe from the hazards beyond the door of your homes with the stylish Floral Masks. This would be a limited time offer until May 31, 2021 only. The following Metro Manila Coffee Project branches are the following:

  • Coffee Project Antipolo
  • Coffee Project Alabang Level 1
  • Coffee Project Alabang Level 4
  • Coffee Project Black
  • Coffee Project Crosswinds
  • Coffee Project Dasmariñas
  • Coffee Project España
  • Coffee Project Evia
  • Coffee Project General Trias
  • Coffee Project Global South
  • Coffee Project Imus
  • Coffee Project Lakefront
  • Coffee Project Las Piñas
  • Coffee Project Libis
  • Coffee Project Molino
  • Coffee Project Mosaic
  • Coffee Project NOMO
  • Coffee Project Shaw 515
  • Coffee Project Silang
  • Coffee Project Symphony
  • Coffee Project Taguig
  • Coffee Project WCC
  • Coffee Project Wil Tower


Mother’s Day Photo Contest

Coffee Project Mother’s Day Photo Contest

Share your favorite photo with your mom and what makes her special. Do not forget to tag us and use the hashtags #CoffeeProjectPH and #CPShareMomsLove. The best post will get a chance to win P1,000 Coffee Project GCs! 3 winners will be chosen on May 8, 2021.


Mother’s Day Cakes

Coffee Project Mother’s Day Cakes
Home is where mom and cake are. Life is short so make it extra sweet by making your mother feel how much you love them by treating them with Coffee Project’s Mother’s Day exclusive cakes – Pecan Carrot Cake and Flourless Chocolate Cake! Now available for pre-orders and deliveries will start on May 7.

Can’t wait for our activities this May? Boost your creativity by satisfying your cravings with Coffee Project. Available for delivery through our website at https://shop.coffeeproject.com.ph. Customers can also send their osrders through Facebook Messenger at facebook.com/coffeeprojectofficial or through Coffee Project's mobile numbers: 09666290203; 09666336662; or 09175353315. You can find us at FoodPanda and Grab Food. For other delivery service you can also check with Get All Delivery Service, Papa.Ph, Pick-A-Roo, 188 Express, Lalafood, LilyMove, Joyride, Pabili Express, Lalamove, and Happymove available in selected areas only.

Join our community group at Viber - COFFEE PROJECT MARKETPLACE – just click the link provided and we will deliver your purchases right at your doorsteps.

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