Pick Your Drink and We'll Tell You What to Netflix Shows to Watch

Pick Your Drink and We'll Tell You What to Netflix Shows to Watch

There’s a lot of movies, series, or documentaries you can watch on websites, applications, and more. But, admit it! Netflix got everyone’s heart. From the solid experience and continuous quality content it provides, people continually support different subjects from its content.


Binge-watching Netflix while eating and guzzling your favorite drink is the best thing  and having a fiber internet connection provides high definition and quality watching experience. You will have a sudden feeling of euphoria because you can imagine yourself in the picture or scene you are watching! Coffee Project will help you achieve that experience. Sharing you the top 5 best delight’s perfect to match for a movie marathon!


Iced Drinks - &Sweet Cold Brew- Vincenzo

 Vincenzo on NetflixCoffee Project's Sweet Cold Brew

Strong on the outside yet oozing with sweetness in every sip, this is a reminder that in every Jang Jun Woo in this world that may come off as childish but truly with bad intentions is a Vincenzo Cassano, that may seem intimidating at first, but overflowing with charm and sweetness. You know you need a man like Vincenzo Cassano, Get yourself your very own Sweet Cold Brew, and maybe with just one sip, you can experience that exciting but relieving feeling you get whenever you watch an episode of one of the top trending K-Drama series on Netflix, Vincenzo Cassano.

Like Vincenzo, always ready to face the world with his impeccable strong character. Coffee Project’s Sweet Cold Brew is the enough boost you need to deal with all the negativity you are about to encounter. It’s alluring strong flavor with a bit of sweetness will surprise you, or does anything still surprise a man of character? I guess there is only one way to find out. Head now to the nearest Coffee Project Branch in your area and prepare yourself for that cold refreshing kick brought to you by Coffee Project’s Sweet Cold Brew.


Frappe - Cookie Crumble - It’s Okay to Not be Okay

 It's Okay to Not Be Okay on NetflixCoffee Project's Cookie Crumble Frappe

Not all smooth & easy-going journeys are good, sometimes the more rocky and unpredictable our journeys may seem, the less we know it pays off better. Like the Cookie Crumble Frappe’s creaminess along with a dash of bits of cookies that will make you craving for more. We’re pretty sure the chemistry between Go Moon Young and Moon Gang Tae will have you drooling for that same sweet and passionate love connection. Why get jealous when you can indulge on Coffee Project’s Cookie Crumble Frappe. All the heavenly and mouth-watering goodness you can ask for in one cup. 

But wait, there’s more, we all know you cannot resist the ever-loving star of the show, Moon Sang Tae. No one can instantly brighten the room like he does. Make him happy by sending one of his fellow friends with disabilities a Cookie Crumble taste of happiness, served well by Coffee Project Philippines. And as Go Moon Young says, “Neol neomunado salanghae!”, sincerely, Coffee Project.


Tea - Hot Tea- To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

 To All The Boy I've Loved Before on NetflixCoffee Project's Hot Tea

To the hopeless romantic person reading this, aren’t you tired bawling your eyes out from watching the entire movie series? Time to hydrate and quench your thirst with our temptingly delicious Hot Tea. Rumor has it, tea tastes 10x better when shared, now is your chance, as easy as one click you can immediately get yourself your Hot Tea through any of the available online delivery applications on your smartphone.

Plus, what better way to pair an Asian kilig movie series, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, but with an Asian drink, Coffee Project’s very own Hot Tea. It’s never too late to shoot your shot! Feel free to visit the nearest Coffee Project branch in your area and  treat your own Lara Jean with the inviting delightful flavor of Coffee Project’s Hot Tea. Who knows? Maybe our Hot Tea is your letter to the heart of your year’s long love interest? Feel the kilig, sip the goodness because with, Coffee Project, we got you!


Hot Drinks - Caramel Latte - Emily in Paris

 Emily in Paris on NetflixCoffee Project's Hot Caramel Latte

Emily in Paris is one of the perfect definitions of being a strong independent woman. But how can one remain motivated and constantly think outside the box without a cup of Coffee Project’s rich Caramel Latte? Just the coffee’s aroma is enough to keep you looking forward to waking up every single morning. And yes, even with your late night Netflix binge-watching sessions, nothing will truly beat a good pick me up in the morning rather than a nice freshly brewed Caramel Latte at 6am.

If there is anything, whether you consider yourself to be the busy & on-the-go Emily in daylight or the free-spirited Emily at any given time, you know well what’ll satisfy you the most at any time of the day. Coffee, coffee, and coffee. Live positively, no matter how many times you’re called “La Plouc” or “the hick”, and as the cliche saying goes “If someone throws a stone at you, throw them back with bread” or better fill their bitterness with a cup of Coffee Project’s rich and smooth Caramel Latte


Fruit Frenzy - Avocado Raspberry - The House Arrest of Us

 The House Arrest of Us on NetflixCoffee Project's Avocado Raspberry Medley

Have you ever imagined spending a long period of time locked down under one roof with a bunch of strangers you ever so despite? Not in the watch of the Capili and De Guzman family. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on this crazy story, binge-watch “The House Arrest of Us”, along with a kick of Coffee Project’s, guilt-free, and fruitilisciousLY crazy mix of Avocado and Raspberry! If this is the closest we will ever get from getting our summer 2021, then you better get your hands now on our Fruit Frenzy refreshingly good Avocado Raspberry and dive in to the luscious satisfaction.

Only the finest ingredients are used because no one wants to infuriate the ever so high-maintenance Mrs. Zenaida Capili, with mere low quality ingredients. Plus, it is definitely perfect for the newly healthy living Mrs. De Guzman (or at least that’s what she says). Kidding Aside, surely with every sip of Coffee Project’s Avocado Raspberry, is a fruity divine burst of flavors, worthy for the extra bucks you’ve been meaning to spend on to satisfy cravings, Buy now!


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