Have it here at Coffee Project! We accept reservations for functions and meetings. here are few of the reasons why you should HAVE IT HERE: First, we’ve got ideal spaces for various gatherings, second, we are equipped with numerous outlets where you can charge your gadgets and a strong WiFI connectivity so you don’t have to miss anything online. Third, besides our delicious drinks we also serve appetizing meals.

Have it now here at Coffee Project.

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Dear Joe: The Philippine’s First Letter Writing Cafe!


In a world of emails and instant messages, one would wonder, when was the last time you have penned a hand-written letter? Take a personal journey down memory lane at Dear Joe—the Philippine’s first letter writing cafe. Hereโ€™s what to look forward to when you visit Dear Joe.



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Your 2021 Zodiac Sign Predictions – Coffee Project style

A new year is about to come, which means a new chapter is about to begin. As the new beginning approaches, many wonder about their future and everyone has their own quirky way of finding out what the future holds. Here’s the 2021 Astrology predictions for your signs and take a look at which Coffee Project drink is best suited for you this year!


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About Us

Coffee Project is not just an ordinary cafรฉ; besides our best-tasting coffee and beverages, we also serve a wide variety of appetizing food like cakes, pasta, rice meals and sandwiches. Coffee Project also has exceptional interiors thus earning the tag an “Instagram-able” coffee shop. It is prominently decorated with flowers and greens to give you that garden cafe and home-y vibe. All these efforts are product of Coffee Projectโ€™s dedication in making your visit worthy and extraordinary.

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