Overcoming Lockdown Blues with Coffee Project

Overcoming Lockdown Blues with Coffee Project

Ever since the pandemic started, we know how challenging it is for everyone to control issues and problems we are facing from time to time. Sometimes, you manage to relax and try to figure out what are you feeling at the moment and you have to admit it, it’s not that easy to identify what bothers you too feel that way. Right? For some people, they try to concentrate by reading a new book, listen to their favorite song, others enjoy online games and do what they’re good at. Some, even found a new hobby that will make their lockdown experience more productive even just staying at their own home.

There are times that when you are browsing and checking posts from social media through your phone, it gives comfort and harmonious effect on your mind. Looking at different angles of flat lays of a book and a coffee, an empty white silk sheet with gold jewelries, aesthetic posts that your friend captured on coffee shops and suddenly, taking a glimpse of what they offer from their menus. This is the start where you feel the desire of getting a comfort food. Seeing appetizing delights and refreshing drinks has an impact to make you crave even more.

If you’re reading this, you’re in the right place! Coffee Project will give you a guide on what to choose available for online delivery. Keeping our customers safe and secured is our top priority. Here at Coffee Project, we offer the most accessible and convenient online food delivery. Sharing you what’s best in Coffee Project’s menu. From mouthwatering pasta dishes, assorted fresh pastries, enjoyable heavy meals, and energizing drinks made just for you!

Coffee Project has the best refreshments and hearty savories you can order online to overcome lockdown blues. Because of the need to be socially distanced, comfort hugs from our loved ones are impossible to do due to some risks. Let our hearty meals give you the warmest hugs and the assurance of a better tomorrow. Stop worrying what to munch throughout movie marathons, what to serve during meal time, and what to guzzle while working at home. Here are the top Eight finger-licking and delightful dish/drinks to try!

Hearty Meals by Coffee Project


Coffee Project Hearty Meals Set ACoffee Project Hearty Meals Set BCoffee Project Hearty Meals Set CCoffee Project Hearty Meals Set DCoffee Project Hearty Meals Set E

Excite your day with these hearty meals available in 5 appetizing sets. Are you looking for Pasta? Salad? Pizza? Sandwich? You can have it all with only one click. You’ll surely appreciate whatever you get from these selections. Mark your calendar now and take your day off from preparing a meal to your loved ones. Start planning what to get for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy every ingredient from different recipes.

Hearty Meals Set A - Fish and Chips, Clubhouse Sandwich, Salad
Hearty Meals Set B - 4 pcs. Chicken Wings, Carbonara, and Cheese Pizza
Hearty Meals Set C - Chicken Wings 4 pcs., Carbonara, Clubhouse Sandwich
Hearty Meals Set D - 4 pcs. Chicken Wings, Arrabbiata, and Cheese Pizza
Hearty Meals Set E - Chicken Wings 4pc., Arrabbiata, Clubhouse Sandwich


Give yourself a Matcha Green Tea Latte. Do you like it hot or iced?

Coffee Project Iced Matcha Green Tea LatteCoffee Project Matcha Green Tea Latte

Did you know that Matcha contains flavonoids and L-theanine ingredients which are beneficial for overcoming and dealing with high levels of stress and nervousness?

Get an instant hit of relaxation by trying Coffee Project’s Matcha drink while working at home and accomplishing your everyday tasks. You can enjoy it either hot or iced! In addition, it will also help you have that laser focus, to finish your tasks in no time!


Continental Breakfast that will boost your energy all throughout the day

Coffee Project Continental Breakfast

You wouldn't want to skip your breakfast if you have this celebration on a plate! There is no better feeling than waking up to an exciting and delightful breakfast. Continental Breakfast by Coffee Project will give you the energy you want to keep your day productive. Serving 5 choices in 1 meal would be perfect!


Refreshing Cookie Crumble Frappe

Coffee Project Cookie Crumble Frappe

This dreamy beverage makes you high-spirited with its explicit cookie flavor goodness and it overcomes this intense heat! As summer is approaching, now is the best time to keep yourself cool! Also, if you are drowning yourself with lots of movies to finish on your list caused by lockdown, Cookie Crumble Frappe is perfect to match your excitement. Don’t miss the chance to savor one of Coffee Project's best-loved drinks to serve!


Oh So Tasty Pizza Selections

Coffee Project Oh So Tasty Pizza Selections

Do you know why pizza tastes so good? Another food choice to put on your notes. It is rich in flavorful combinations of ingredients and scrumptious extra toppings are ready for you.
Coffee Project Pizza Selections includes Cajun, Pepperoni, Overload, Hawaiian, and Cheese! A circle of happiness perfect for family bonding, watching a new movie, or taking bite after you achieving household chores!


Flavorful TCP Club Sandwich

Coffee Project TCP Club Sandwich
Make some time to taste the goodness of this overflowing fresh ingredients perfectly tucked with toasted breads. If you feel like you’re not yet achieving to satisfy your hunger, we offer you one of the best in Coffee Project’s menu.


Excellent taste of Mushroom Creamy Pesto Pasta

Coffee Project Mushroom Creamy Pesto

Everyone’s top choice! We know you’re in the mood to get one. Another dish to add in your food list. You’ll surely forget what you are doing, and will be surprise with Coffee Project’s fresh Mushroom Creamy Pesto Pasta flavor!


A “Must Try” heavenly drink, Sweet Cold Brew

Coffee Project Sweet Cold Brew

Introducing you another drink that will surely excite your day. A combination of sweet flavor and balanced brew. You will appreciate more the goodness of Sweet Cold Brew while planning for your goals, listening to your favorite playlist or consuming a piece of biscuit!

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