Coffee Project's Foods & Drinks that Suits Your Daily Mood

Coffee Project Foods and Drinks that Suits Your Daily Mood

Did you know that throughout the day, our food intake influences our mood? When we feel happy and energized, we often finish the day more satisfied because of our productivity. Many of us are handling different challenges, trials or issues and we need to have that certain boost to feel a little better, if not, the best. Here in Coffee Project we believe that we could assist you to decide the right food and or drink to match your cravings in the right way, whether you want to fuel up your good mood or prevent having a bad one!

There are lots of choices of foods and beverages to match your desires based on your battles. In order to help you pick your treat that will soothe your needs, we have come up with ten emotions and their supporting delights!

Are you feeling challenged today?

 coffee project hot cafe mocha

There are many ways to conquer the clouds of your everyday challenges. Some may bring you lessons to keep at the end of the day and some may give you headaches to the point where you can’t sleep well at night. Don’t let those challenges get the best of you! Instead, give yourself a Hot Cafe Mocha to make your day run smoothly and help enlighten your mood with the combination of coffee and chocolate on your drink.

Are you stressed?

 coffee project berry and pomegranate tea

We can establish good practices to overcome these disagreeable thoughts. Oftentimes we try to hide our frustrations and it ends up getting worse. Face the root cause of your stress and reward yourself with this refreshing drink from Coffee Project’s menu that would rejuvenate you inside and out!  Have you tried the taste of Berry and Pomegranate Green Tea? It is a relaxing way to boost your heart and mental health. Have a sip of positivi-tea and it will help you balance the difficulties of your tasks.


Are you feeling energized?

coffee project cheese tortilla pizzacoffee project pepperoni tortilla pizzacoffee project godfather tortilla pizza

The best people are the ones who are excited to face the day’s battles with a bright aura and a radiating energy! The more energy you have, the more tasks you will be able to accomplish. Sustain your energy and playfulness with these amazing pizzas, so fresh and so flavorful. It is clearly one of the most cherished foods nowadays. We’ll leave you the choices, try Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza or Godfather Pizza!


Feeling worried?

coffee project salted caramel cheesecake

If you have meetings to make a big deal or long presentations coming up, plan to have a delicious dessert after getting a heavy meal from Coffee Project’s breakfast menu. Give your day a sweet start, with a kick of savory, and experience the taste of heaven with Salted Caramel Cheesecake. It will surely give you the calming effect and the power to compose yourself. From worries to positive thoughts real quick!


Are you feeling excited?

 coffee project lemon lychee tea

Continue to feel happy for it will bring out the best in you! Another fresh and fruity flavored drink to partner you with today’s adventure and excitement! Have yourself a Lemon Lychee Tea, it will surely give you an extra radiant mood. Keep on.


Do you easily panic?

coffee project fish and chips

The struggle is real especially if we are involved in panic situations. This challenge often comes surprisingly and its sudden nature is what some people dread. With these inevitable circumstances, we have a staple solution. Fish and Chips!  This is the perfect snack and it is no doubt, satisfying and flavorful to make you feel grounded and in control! Don’t let your problems get you. Instead, balance it with these enjoyable nibbles.


Do you feel relieved?

 coffee project strawberry vanilla frappe

Be grateful for achieving the missions you believed are hard to overcome. Serve and treat yourself with Coffee Project’s Strawberry Vanilla Frappe. It is way better to celebrate your accomplishments with a Cold Frappe drink. Don’t forget to share a smile after your sip!


Feeling indifferent?

 coffee project sweet cold brew

What you are feeling right now may be lack of enthusiasm or motivation. If you are experiencing a change in your habits or unrehearsed activities, you need to unwind and disentangle what causes you to feel unmotivated. The taste of our coffee blend smoothness in your favorite Sweet Cold Brew, will certainly stop you from reaching low energy levels. Who doesn’t love brewed coffee anyway?


Are you feeling happy?

 coffee project bake my day donuts

One of the keys to happiness is fulfilling your heart’s desire. Training yourself to look in the brighter side of things and appreciating even the small have a huge positive impact on your life.  Make your life more colorful and lively with these assorted donuts. Every bite gives you a fantastic experience! Every munch sets a new feeling!


Do you feel loved?

 coffee project avocado raspberry medley

Did you know that feeling loved or appreciated will help you improve your well-being? Cherish the moment and let Coffee Project’s Avocado Raspberry Medley give you more loving and soothing feeling in every sip. A drink that would make you smile in an instant!


How are you feeling now? We are happy to hear your thoughts. A friendly reminder from us, remember that it is normal for you to feel that way. Life is about dealing with your good and bad times, and it is up to you how are you going to handle such circumstances. Some people express their inner notions or reflections by doing their hobbies, trying new activities such as reading an inspirational book, getting their favorite drink while virtually hanging out with friends or things that will make them mentally happy. If they can, you can!


Start trying the food and drink items we recommend you to get! We picked out the most scrumptious delights from Coffee Project’s menu that suits your mood. Drop by at any Coffee Project near you or if you want to stay at the comfort of your home, we’ve got you covered! Just click and eat with our website at, or submit your orders through our delivery partners, GrabFood, Foodpanda, Mangan, Pandalivery, Lalamove, Pickaroo, Ride Eat, 188 Express, Joyride, HappyMove, Papa PH, Food Trip, KartHero, Gapan Grabb, and Pabili Express Gapan.


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