Songs to Calm Your Mind | Coffee Project

Songs to Calm Your Mind | Coffee Project

Music has always been a huge part of everybody’s life. It is a form of entertainment, celebration, and grieving. A lot of people enjoy listening to music as much as they enjoy their cup of coffee. There are tons of reasons why, however, one main reason is that the lyrics of the songs that we listen to are mostly about our unspoken words which we do not dare to speak. 

It is so profound that music brings such comfort that is powerful enough to affect our emotions. For instance, when we listen to upbeat songs, we tend to be excited and pumped up. On the other hand, if we listen to sad songs, it can make us feel all kinds of sorrows as if we are also experiencing what’s being told behind its lyrics. 

There is no denying that music has played such an important role, especially now, with all the events going around the world. May it be because of boredom, sadness, or if you are missing someone, listening to music has a way to make us feel better. Having said that, Coffee Project created a Spotify playlist that will cover all kinds of emotions that we feel. If you need a playlist to calm your mind, these are the songs that are for you. 

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

As you listen to the strums of guitar at the beginning of the song, we are sure that someone’s face will flash in your mind. If you have that someone whom you know you cannot have, You’re Beautiful is a song that understands what you feel. Moreover, the meaning of this song could be tweaked a little bit. Some women feel a boost in their confidence when they listen to this song. If you find yourself doubting yourself, just keep on repeating this, you are beautiful. 

Night Changes by One Direction

Night Changes was a huge hit when it first came out. It simply talks about how time flies so fast as we get older and older. Substantially speaking, many people are anxious about time. For those who are in a relationship and are far away from each other, you are probably worried about how a long-distance relationship can affect both of you. Another reason why people are anxious about time is that they feel that they are being left out. For instance, some of the people you know will get to own their dream house first. Here goes the part where we tell you that everyone has their timeline. Someday, you can fulfill your dream of having your own beautiful house and lot. Don’t be bothered by how fast the night changes but be thankful instead because you have another day to achieve your goals. 

With A Smile by Eraser Heads

With A Smile is like a pick-me-up song. It uplifts and cheers you up when you are feeling down. We love the meaning of the song as it talks about not being scared of failure. It is impossible to not experience failures in this lifetime. There will be thousands of hurdles to jump, and sometimes we fall because we have to learn from the pain and experiences. If you are feeling too much pressure, take it day by day with a smile. 

Take Care of Yourself by Maisie Peters

This song will surely relax your mind! If there ever comes a time when you just want to lay down and listen to some cozy and amazing songs, this one is absolutely for you! A song that will remind you to not be too hard on yourself. We all get exhausted and remember that it is okay to get some fresh air sometime and you’d maybe want to eat comfort food to make yourself feel better. 

The Art of Getting By by Laura Zocca

A soothing song to listen to when you feel like giving up and you feel like you have nowhere to go. This is probably one of the difficult phases in our life. When we think that we reach the bottom and we have to find our way to the top again. Sometimes, it takes someone to pick us up or maybe just have the best coffee in the world and take time to reflect as you count your blessings. That is the best way to get by. 

How to Save a Life by The Fray

The thing about this song is that you have to dig deep. This song may not be for you but let this be a reminder for us to take care of the people around us. For instance, do not be afraid to ask them questions if you feel that they are going through something or maybe just your presence will already make a difference. You can take a stroll and visit the best coffee shop in the Philippines. 

Paradise by Pink Sweat$

Have you ever experienced regretting something so hard that it always bothers you whenever you think of it? I guess we always have that story. We always hope we can change the past but in this world, there is no choice but to move forward. The lesson in this song is that if you have someone special by your side right, treat them with love, care, and kindness so you wouldn’t have to lose them. Make sure to bond with them and have some delicious snacks while you are binge-watching on Netflix. 

Grow As We Go by Ben Platt

As they say, we cannot please all the people around us. Someone will always be there to criticize and judge us even if they do not know anything about our life. In addition, you also have to weigh the situation. Maybe you have to listen to some advice given to you by someone who knows you better. That is the time when you have to take a look at your decisions. Having someone to give us advice is something that can calm our minds. 

These songs are included in Coffee Project’s Spotify Playlist. May you find comfort in listening to these songs as you take a sip of your favourite coffee. You can also check out Coffee Project Menu and choose your pick-me-up meals and we will deliver right at your doorsteps.

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