To the Dad who never fails

To the Dad who never fails

Father’s Day is here and you have probably already thought of some ways to surprise Dad on his special day. It is a day when we should make them feel even more loved and treasured, just like how they are making us feel as they work hard every single day for us to live a secure and comfortable life. We know it is challenging to be a father but that idea will never live up to what Dad has made for you because no words are powerful enough to describe their strength and unconditional love. 

Let us take you down memory lane and reminisce about the times when the first man of our lives made us feel like princesses or princes of his life. We have to start from the beginning. You surely have no memory of the time when you were a baby but Dad surely remembered the first time he held you in his arms. It was a day that changed his life forever. He knew he found new inspiration but he also knew that the most important thing to do is to not fail as a father. He knew the pressure headed his way but he managed to help you be who you are today. 

One of the biggest challenges of being a Dad is to be a provider after your mother has given birth to you. Mom will have to rest and take care of you at home while Dad is out for work but as soon as he is home, seeing your little face will wipe away his tiredness. It was a rough road, for sure, but Dad and Mom were able to pull it off during your baby crying times plus a lot of coffee has probably helped Dad to survive those sleepless nights, too. Kidding aside, Dad would never regret those moments. Parents would always say, “Don’t grow up so fast,” because the bigger you become, the bigger their fear is. 

On the other hand, have you ever seen your birthday photos when you were a baby? Specifically, the day you turned 1. Dad and Mom had prepared a celebration that marked a milestone for you and them. Everyone was mesmerized as they adored you with the cutest clothes your parents chose for you to wear. No matter what kind of first birthday celebration you had, know it in your heart that your Dad and Mom did the best they could to shower you with love and joy. Now, let us remember your favourite birthday celebration. Surely, Dad and Mom saved some cash to give you your dream birthday. What is even more beautiful is that you did not probably notice how they stare at you because of the big smile on your face that day. 

Moreover, as you grow into infanthood, Dad was so careful as he did not want you to bump your head or hurt yourself in any way. He was there during your first steps and he is still there in every step as you make your own decisions. It was a lot different now though. Maybe there were times when you thought Dad was overpowering your decisions or maybe he has become protective all of a sudden especially if you are a girl? It is commonly the struggles faced by teenagers. But that is a normal reaction by a father who wants to make sure that you are always in a safe place. If your heart gets broken, Dad’s heart will be broken as well because no father would want their child to be hurt. When you become a parent, you will understand what they mean and why they do that. 

This Father’s Day, it is your chance to make Dad feel like the King of your life. All of us have different ways to show how we care. Some can say “I love you” face to face, while some do it by giving gifts or by preparing a celebration. If you prefer the latter, you have to consider what Dad would want. You may think that a man’s heart is more complicated to touch but you would be surprised to know that a handwritten letter might just make them bawl their eyes out. Alright. We may be exaggerating there for a bit. But seriously, have you ever received a handwritten letter from someone you love? It is impossible to not shed a tear. However, keep in mind that no material gift is enough for a dad than seeing their children achieve their dreams. They did not fail as a father, so let us do the job of being the best children we can be. When he grows old, he will remember those times and tell stories to his friends about how proud Dad is to you. We should all do the same. Shout to the world how wonderful our Dads are! 

If you do plan a celebration, Coffee Project has also prepared some Father’s Day Bundles that you can choose from. There are four options that you can check out on Coffee Project’s website. These bundles would make your Dad feel like a King, which is your goal on his special day. Make the most of your time and enjoy tasty food and drinks. You might want to check out some desserts that will make your conversations extra sweeter!

We hope that you will have a fulfilling and meaningful celebration dedicated to the man of your life. Let us honour their sacrifices and give them the best treats that they deserve. To the Dad who never fails to be an inspiration, to the Dad who always catches us when we fall, and to the Dad who is always there for us, you are all heroes. 

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