Coffee Project Playlists to Pump Up your Productivity

Ready, Set, Play! Focus-enhancing playlists you need to pump up your productivity.


As we enter the new normal of social distancing and virtual meetings, we find ourselves transforming our homes into our daily workspace. The pressure of staying productive is even more challenging, especially when there are so many distractions that surround us. The urge to just sit back and watch the new series on Netflix or just grab your phone and browse through Facebook or Instagram is so tempting.

Good thing we found a fix for your wandering mind! As it turns out, there are many scientific studies that explore the effects of music to a person’s mood, behavior, and yes, productivity level. It’s been found that music creates Dopamine, which is a hormone that affects motivation and learning. So, as we all do our best to adapt to our work from home situation, we might as well find the perfect playlists that will help us stay on top of our responsibilities.

An essential that goes perfectly with a productivity playlist is a cup of coffee! Studies have shown that caffeine slows down Adenosine, which is the molecule in our bodies that makes us feel sleepy. Which is why coffee is the most popular pick-me-up drink there is! Now grab your cup of coffee and it’s time to look for your perfect rhythm and routine. Let us help you out and check out these productivity playlists on Coffee Project Spotify!

Feel Good

With this playlist you can even opt to have tea instead of coffee for more positivi-tea. Get it? It’s time to start the day right! The Feel Good playlists is full of upbeat songs that will help lift up your mood. Maybe squeeze in a little dance session while you freshen up? Start your day with good vibes with these feel-good songs!

Work From Home

Get in the zone when working from home! The playlist is full of chill and focus-enhancing beats. It’s soft, mellow, and has great beats that blend wonderfully with the melody. Plus, it’s free from any lyrics! It’s a vibe that will surely improve your focus and creativity when completing your tasks at hand!

Acoustic Café

Keep the sounds pure and simple for a decluttered mind. We know some of you feel most productive when working in coffee shops. Plus, we know you miss your study or work sessions in Coffee Project. 😉  This playlist is filled with blissful acoustic instrumentals that soothes your mind and help you think clearly for you to be able to get through your day of work.


Like what you hear? There’s plenty more where that came from! Follow Coffee Project on Spotify and discover music fit for your every mood. Look out for new weekly playlists coming your way!

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