Top 5 Books to Read Based on your Coffee Project Order

Top 5 Books to Read Based on your Coffee Project Order

Books and coffee are a match made in heaven. It’s time to grab your favorite cup of joe and unwind with the following read:

Sweet Cold Brew: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
It’s a story about pursuing and fulfilling the “Great American Dream”, rising from poverty to achieve opulent wealth. Jay Gatsby’s life revolves around lavish parties, undying love, and chasing after the green light. The book takes you on a journey, enticed by the luxurious lifestyle and glamourous parties, and awakened by the realization of the difference between fantasy and reality. Surely a book to enjoy with the Sweet Cold Brew that is deliciously sweet combined with the strong taste of coffee.

Iced Americano - The Shining by Stephen King

This horror classic is terrifying, unnerving and spine-chilling. The book portrays real-world horrors hidden behind fictional ones. Jack Torrance was supposed to start off a new life with his new job at the Overlook Hotel, but it quickly takes a turn as he and his family discover the terror that surrounds it. The book goes perfectly with the Americano that contains shots of espresso to give you that extra hit of energy to finish this deeply engaging read.

Dark Chocolate Frappe - Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

One of the best book series of all time, the story of Harry Potter, a boy starting off oblivious to his true heritage steps out to discover and explore the magical wizarding world. The book series is sometimes seen as a children’s book, but it is so much more than that. It revolves around the bond of friendship, all kinds of love, heartbreaking sacrifices, and of course, the awesome wicked spells and magical creatures. What better way to enjoy this book than with Dark Chocolate Frappe - a frozen chocolate concoction topped with whipped cream! A magical drink to explore a magical world!

Coffee Indochine - Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

A well-known young adult novel that follows the life of Samantha Kingston, a girl who has it all: popularity, three amazing best friends, and the most crush-worthy boyfriend in their entire school. February 12 was supposed to be just a normal day in her charming life, but it turned out to be her last instead. Samantha discovers the true importance of everything in her life as she relives her last day in one miraculous week. Coffee Project’s Coffee Indochine is a drink that highlights the taste of coffee, but is still sweet and milky at the same time. It is the perfect pairing to this compelling book that explores the good and bad memories of Samantha Kingston.

Hot Tea – The Universe of Us by Lang Leav

The Universe of Us is a poetry collection by the bestselling author, Lang Leav. The journey of falling in love is expressed through the different wonders of the universe such as stars, planets and constellations. It encompasses the depth of emotions and feelings from the excitement of discovering a new love to the pain of losing a great love. A calming hot tea goes well with this poetry collection that expresses emotions in a unique way.

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