Reflect and Recharge with Sun-Kissed Dining at the Coffee Project Gardens

Coffee Project Gardens

Since the onset of pandemic that has resulted to implementation of strict and lengthy restrictions to limit coronavirus contagion all throughout the country, businesses were required to comply and adjust toward helping reduce the surge of COVID-19. Currently, recent spikes in new daily COVID-19 infections indicate an alarming new wave of confirmed cases in the Philippines thus, we are facing yet another extended periods of mandatory home quarantine.  With this marked increase in the number of cases, local governments are urged to strengthen their pandemic response amid the new threat of the variants, and for the people as well to be very cautious.


As we continue to live our daily life within the bounds of the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine regulations, we are encouraged to stay inside our homes, perform even our office tasks in our bedrooms or other available space at home (although there are those that are still required to report to their offices on a daily basis), and have our everyday needs delivered to us instead, particularly foods, and the new all-time-favorite beverage of Filipinos - coffee. Still, it is safe to say that there are thousands who are skipping the in-store experience altogether and shifting to online delivery apps for everything - from groceries to lattes and lunches.


However, we cannot deny the fact that we still have that strong yearning to dine out, whether with family or friends, from time to time. After more than a year into quarantine, it gives a certain gush of excitement to go out every now and then (as long as we remind ourselves to take all the necessary precautions). While delivery and takeout are still indisputably the best and safest preferences, nothing compares to hanging out with your much-loved “besties” and “bros”, then going to your favorite food or drink spot for long enjoyable chats just how our normal life should be spent. With this in mind, what can restaurant owners do to maintain public health and safety during this pandemic?

Coffee Project Gardens

Studies and health experts affirm that the lowest-risk restaurant dining experience is outdoor seating, with natural ventilation and tables spaced at least 1.8 meters (6 feet) apart. To make dining as safe and enjoyable as possible during the pandemic, design and architecture firms are implementing outdoor dining solutions to limit virus exposure. Consequently, several restaurants and other food establishments are adapting their operations and commercial decision making rapidly to reflect the new day-to-day reality, in order to flexibly respond to their customers’ requirements. Now that most establishments are allowed to operate, stricter dine-in procedures have been put in place. Restaurants and coffee shops are only permitted to open for al-fresco or outdoor dining, aside from takeout and food delivery. With this, food businesses, including the Coffee Project, have revived al fresco dining to deliver its services to the customers.


It is true that your best bet for now is to stay home – but if you must eat out, or if you are on the road and are looking for a safe but gratifying place to eat, Coffee Project branches now offer an open-air dining to its customers – safely, conveniently and enjoyably satisfying at the same time. Coffee Project is introducing its al-fresco dining option - the Coffee Project Gardens. Although Coffee Project is known for its aesthetically pleasing interiors, the patio-and-garden dining option is often overlooked. From the organized chaos inside to sun-kissed and haven-like outdoor banquets, Coffee Project brings a delightful retreat for its diners to briefly escape the trying and fraught condition that we all are currently enduring.


Just in case you have the notion that sun-kissed dining equates to sweaty, very uncomfortable dining experience due to the fact that we live in a tropical country, not to mention that we are still in the middle of the summer season, Coffee Project have industrial fans that are strategically stationed around to keep you cool, coupled with shades over the tables outside to ensure ease and relaxing mood for its diners. Free Wi-Fi and outlet facilities are very much available for customers who are looking for a safe spot where they can work in peace. Safe and standard protocols are strictly observed - from the monitoring of everyone’s temperatures to proper sanitation of the store as well as the staff who are required to wear hairnets, apron and disposable gloves - ensuring that you and your orders are safe.  A good number of outdoor seating lets you enjoy your favorite coffee or other beverages, paired with your choice of savory pasta, hearty rice meals, delicious sandwiches, tasty pastries, or luscious cakes, while enjoying the sun-kissed outdoors. The area is conducive to quiet and quality conversations with your company, or just a safe haven for those who simply want to enjoy the serenity offered by the entire beautifully landscaped dining stretch.


Al fresco or not, some will still question the safety of dining outside. Again, it is still not as safe as a normal day, but as highlighted earlier, studies have supported that dining outside lessens the possibility of viruses to transmit, the very reason why outdoor dining has been implemented in food establishments.

Coffee Project Gardens

If for some reason, you still have uncertainties about the safety of dining outside, don’t fret; we completely understand where you are coming from. Just know that we’re still accepting orders daily, from 8:00 AM up to 7:00 PM (store hours may vary per store) for takeout and deliveries, and bring the Coffee Project experience to your safe havens. You can order online through our Coffee Project Marketplace at You can also send us a message through our Facebook page at, or give us a call at the following numbers: 09666290203, 09666336662, or 09175353315.. You can also find us on our delivery channels such as GrabFood, Foodpanda, Mangan, Pandalivery, Lalamove, Pickaroo, Ride Eat, 188 Express, Joyride, HappyMove, Papa PH, Food Trip, KartHero, Gapan Grabb, and Pabili Express Gapan!

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