Coffee Project opens 50th branch, a.k.a Ruined Project?

Coffee Project opens 50th branch, a.k.a Ruined Project?

Coffee Project’s 50th branch has been the talk of the town since it opened last December 5, 2020, at Crosswinds, Tagaytay. 

Words have been spreading around quickly and many are wondering what's behind its peculiar name. To end your miseries, we will be sharing with you who and what's behind Ruined Project?. 

If you have been scouring your social media for the last few days, you might’ve encountered a viral post regarding Ruined Project?. In fact, the Facebook post made by a Filipino Food and Travel blogger, The Lowkey Hubadera, has garnered more than 3,600 reactions, over 4,000 comments, and above 6,000 shares as of to date. 

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has disrupted our lives, even delaying some milestones. Ruined Project? was visualized to be the flagship store of Coffee Project until the pandemic has put the world to a stop. Just like you, we've undergone a phase of uncertainties. But our chairman lifted and empowered us to have a change in perspective. For one, instead of looking at it as a ruined project, why not embrace the ruins and we might see something even more beautiful? Indeed, we have found the beauty in ruin and we’re able to create something out of the ordinary and that has never-before-seen. 

Let us take you to a virtual tour of Ruined Project’s interior through this video: 

Aside from its perfectly imperfect interior, Ruined Project has unique dishes and specialty drinks that food junkies are raving about. So far, the favorites are Iced Freddo, Ca Phe Sua Da, and our collection of pizzas and pasta.

Now that we get to share all these with you, we are elated and proud to have been able to offer a new kind of experience for our customers, but most of all, we get to share the story behind its name hoping that it will also inspire and motivate others. No matter how grotesque or uncertain it may seem, we could always find our way out in the woods. For us, Ruined Project is not only a cafe, but a history of hope and resilience. 

Come and visit us at Crosswinds, Tagaytay and see for yourself. We’d love to know your thoughts so feel free to let us know in the comment box below! 

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