All About Coffee Project's Holiday Drinks: What You Should Know

All About Coffee Project's Holiday Drinks: What You Should Know

Christmas has always been a huge celebration in the Philippines. As the "ber" months kick in, the Holiday countdown also begins. It's a much-awaited season for visiting family, gift-giving, and getting a break from work. Moreover, one of the best parts of Yuletide is finally getting a taste of all the festive and seasonal drinks Coffee Project has rolled out just for you!

Here's a guide of what you need to know about our Holiday drinks menu and it’s time to make your pick. Oh, by the way, did we mention that all of them are superb and mouth-watering? You better get a tissue before you continue reading!

1. Cinnamon Shortbread Cookie Latte


Savor the taste of our Cinnamon Shortbread Cookie Latte made with espresso, milk, and bits of brown butter and vanilla! You can never go wrong with this drink whether you have it iced or hot so treat yourself a drink to lighten up your day even better.

2. White Christmas Peppermint Latte 


You will surely feel the spirit of Christmas when you try our Iced White Christmas Peppermint Latte topped with whipped cream and Christmas sprinkles. Take a sip and feel the gush of our peppermint syrup and white chocolate sauce! 

3. Merry Berry White Choco Pudding Frappe 


Experience the joy of Christmas in a cup with Merry Berry White Chocolate Pudding Frappe that is rich with white chocolate pudding with chunks of choco chips on top. But wait, there’s more..You can also have it in a mocha flavor!

Make your Holiday conversation with friends and family extra special with Coffee Project’s Holiday Drinks. You can have it delivered right on your doorstep by ordering via Coffee Project Marketplace. Feel free to click the link or you may send us a private message on Viber 09190838690.

Be on the loop with Coffee Project updates by joining our Viber Community or following us on Facebook and Instagram @coffeeprojectofficial.

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