Which Coffee Best Describes Your Personality?





Most of us start our morning with a great coffee to pump us up throughout the day. We are pretty sure you already have your favorite drink which you might have been drinking for years, and you never have to think twice when ordering in a coffee shop. But don’t you ever wonder why some people prefer black coffee over fancier and flavored ones? Or why others take the time to grind and brew their own coffee than to just easily take out a packet of instant ones? Well, this coffee quiz explains how your personality reflects on your coffee preference.

Your caffeine cup of choice can say whether you are an introvert, a social butterfly, experimental and adventurous or someone who sticks to tradition. Let us help you get to know yourself even better and take this coffee quiz.

Let’s take a look at which coffee best describes you! We have prepared some questions for you and your answers will reveal the result! Make sure to answer as honestly as possible so you get accurate results. Don’t forget to share your results with your friends and tag us @coffeeprojectofficial. Let’s begin!

So did we get it right or we missed terribly? Let us know on the comments below!

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